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At Wanderlust Campus, we're on a mission to help travel agents and agency owners grow a wildly successful dream travel business.

Welcome to travel school! Whether you're just thinking about a career in travel or you're looking to scale your agency to 7+ figures, and beyond, our educational programs, consulting, tools and resources are intentionally crafted to support you on your travel business journey, at every stage of growth.

Explore our four flagship programs, dedicated to helping your travel business
launch, build, grow and scale.


The Travel Agency Launch Kit includes everything you need to successfully launch your travel business in 30 days or less.

A SNAPSHOT OF the launch kit…

The Travel Agency Launch kit includes everything you need to successfully launch your travel business in 30 days or less. This is a wonderful starter kit to get your business launched and start making your first sales. It also helps you avoid painful mistakes (what to avoid & common pitfalls that can set you back years). It’s 100% on-line, self-paced, with all the training, tools and done-for-you resources included. It has lifetime access to the training membership site, where your content and training is hosted.


Resources may not allow for a certification right now but you are dedicated and serious about scaling your own portable, profitable travel business.  You want to curate a special brand that will grow with your goals, and even though you are new you see yourself working independently in the future.  That’s great!  You also understand that how you set up your business now will make a huge difference in your ability to scale your business later.

A program for aspiring travel agents who want to be as successful as possible, but prefer to work with a host or under an agency long-term.

A SNAPSHOT OF Travel Professional Training Kit

The Travel Professional Training Kit is the perfect kit for aspiring travel agents that want to be as successful as possible, but prefer to work with a host or under an agency long term. This robust new travel agent training teaches you everything you need to know as a new travel professional and how to skyrocket your personal success. This program is 100% self-paced, with two months of on-line support and four live classes for hands on support as you begin to book your initial vacations. If you haven’t selected an agency to work with yet, use your participation in this course as an asset as you interview with agencies or start your hosting journey. We will even give you a preferred host guide to match yourself with some potential agencies for you to start your new career.

This program is PERFECT FOR YOU IF…

→ You want a viable business, but are comfortable working under an agency for now.

→ You understand you are responsible for your managing your own training even in a hosting environment and that getting the right support & having proper systems in place is critical for fast growth.

→ You value objective support in matching you with a perfect host and avoiding unprofitable hosting models that don’t align with your goals.

→ Resources may not allow for a certification yet, in the meantime you value having a proven road map to reach your short term goals.

→ You are a go-getter, that doesn’t want to make mistakes as you get started in the industry.

The Careers on Vacation Mastermind teaches you everything you need to know to get your travel business optimized for success – from initial set-up to intentional launching and scalable growth.

A SNAPSHOT OF Careers on Vacation…

This is our signature and most popular program. Careers on Vacation™ is our 12-week immersive mastermind program for aspiring, new or experienced agents (we have two learning tracks based on your experience). We are an ASTA affiliated travel school, and as a graduating participant you will receive the Careers on Vacation certification, recognized industry wide to use in your marketing. 

We offer full support as you set up your marketing machine, sales, service, and operational systems. Get access to our personal team of leading experts as we support you in the real world set up and application, this is what is so different about our program and why we have the best results in the industry.


You want the best travel agent certification available to set you up for success. You are dedicated and serious about scaling your own portable, profitable travel business.  You want a viable business, not just an occasional hobby.  You value the ability to call your own shots, and want to curate a special brand that will grow with your ambitious goals.  You also understand that the right support and training & having proper systems in place is critical for fast growth. 

The Wanderlust CEO mastermind is the only agency owner certification of its kind that not only shows you how to move from salesperson to CEO, but how to effectively build a top producing team..

A SNAPSHOT OF Wanderlust CEO Mastermind…

The Wanderlust CEO Mastermind™ is our yearlong mastermind that teaches aspiring & experienced agency owners how to become travel hosts, cultivate top performing teams, and how to grow their agencies into the stratosphere. This mastermind is focused on 7-figure growth.


You are already a mover and a shaker with an established track record.  You’re ready to take on your next challenge and scale your agency into the big leagues by scaling your own top performing team.  You’ve outlined ambitious goals but are struggling with how to implement or scale in a significant way.  You know that getting the right support and having proven systems and processes make all the difference in achieving tangible, exponential growth. As an A player, you hate wasting time and you just want a clear roadmap to your goals.

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Program Case Studies

— Melissa P.

After experiencing a life changing visit to Egypt, Melissa knew that she had to be in the Travel Industry. Since launching her business and participating in the Careers on Vacation program she has sold over $120K in travel sales!

Becky and her husband & business manager decided that the Careers on Vacation program was exactly what the need to grow their business significantly. Struggling with the transition from great salesperson to Owner of their own new agency, they needed a strong plan for fast-paced growth. Now that they are utilizing the COV systems, tools, and resources their business is running smoothy and it's flourishing. Update: Since this aired Becky & her husband have grown their agency multiple times over. In 2021 they became Disney Earmarked, which is a highly sought after designation that can only be earned through landmark sales with Disney, along with ethical and high service standards. Big congratulations to Becky and her whole team! We are so honored to have helped you on your journey to massive growth.

— Becky A.

Meet your Wanderlust CEO

My ridiculous love of travel, followed only by my love for my family, led me to creating a travel empire beyond my wildest expectation. But, it all started with adopting ONE belief: I am going to follow my BLISS into ABUNDANCE and I am going to build it AROUND my family.

I walked away from our other business, one that was generating multiple 6-figures a year, to pursue a dream of working in travel. Everyone, except my husband, thought I was crazy.

Now, the persistence and hard work has blossomed into the amazing travel company we have today.

Meet the Team

We've curated a team of specialists and experts so that you get the most comprehensive support and education during your time in our programs. Each team member brings their unique skills, perspective and business experience to help your business skyrocket. You won't find a travel team with this much combined passion, experience and credibility anywhere else.