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Although I’ve been flattered by my clients with nicknames like “The Tony Robbins of Travel” or the “Travel Agent Whisperer”, the truth is my first and most beloved role will always be mom and wife. It’s true my ridiculous love of travel, followed only by my love of my family, led me to creating a travel empire beyond my wildest expectation. But, it all started with adopting ONE belief; “I am going to follow my BLISS (despite everyone telling me I was crazy) into ABUNDANCE and I am going to build it AROUND my family.

I could bore you with some facts like “I started over 25 years ago in the industry, trained thousands of travel professionals. I own my own award-winning travel agency, I’m a best-selling author, motivational speaker, host of the TV show Bliss to Abundance, and have been featured as an industry expert by CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, and Huff Post.

”While all that is true, what I really want to share is that it all started with a stressed out, anxious, unfulfilled mom that was too scared to step into her purpose. I spent YEARS treating my travel business like a hobby while I worked for others and even ran another highly successful (but unfulfilling) business, and I was utterly miserable.

One night I thought I was having a heart attack. My husband rushed me to the hospital only to find out I was having a panic attack. Although it was extremely scary, it was the greatest gift because it woke me up to realizing my body had reached a breaking point, I was in total misalignment with my purpose. It was like the universe gave me a huge “WAKE UP, YOU’RE ON THE WRONG PATH!” slap in the face. From that day forward I started to set the wheels in motion that changed the trajectory of my life.


I walked away from our other business that was generating multiple 6-figures a year. Everyone, except my husband, thought I had gone crazy. Nonetheless, I pressed on, worked hard, and brought into fruition the amazing travel company we have today.

Since then I have worked with many private clients and spoken in front of countless groups. We are living our dream of working while traveling the world, creating abundance and building our business around our family. It was during this time I created my flagship product; The Careers On Vacation™ Mastermind. It is the complete program every travel entrepreneur needs to get out of their own way and skyrocket their travel business to 6+ figures and beyond in record time.

Through the Careers On Vacation™ Mastermind I am honored to share my twenty-five years of experience to help clients, just like you, realize their dream of owning their own portable, profitable travel business and lives that most can only dream about.

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Article picked up by national media
TV Show Host of “Bliss to Abundance”
CLO Vanguard Award
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Voyage Magazine
Best Selling Author
Talk Show Interview
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“I have TRIPLED my personal businessCyndi’s knowledge of the travel industry and her willingness to invest in keeping up to date with the latest technology on marketing travel makes her an unique asset to have in your travel business. I have been successful in the industry for over 8 years, however, after implementing her techniques, I have personally tripled my business over the last three months.”

Kim S.