Whether they’re on Facebook twenty times a day or they only peek in on their 🎂 birthday to see how many people remembered to send a message, it’s obvious that Facebook reaches an incredible number of people. For a lot of these people, Facebook is their main lifeline to friends, family, and what’s going on in the 🌎 world around them.

And it’s also a way to interact with the businesses they use, including their travel agents!

If you want to maximize your reach as a travel agent, you’re going to need your Facebook presence to be the best it can be.

Does that mean taking your personal Facebook page and adding 50% more pictures of your new 🐶 puppy? Does that mean dropping thousands of dollars on professional ads? What can you do on Facebook to grow your travel business?

In my latest 📽️ video, “15 Minute Facebook Growth Hacks For Travel Agents,” I’ll show you some things you can do to boost your growth on Facebook in no time at all. Check them out here:

Facebook is a major part of the daily routine of millions of people around the world. The potential Facebook audience looking for a travel agent is enormous. If you want to get your piece of this action, the growth hacks in this video are a great way to start. Good luck!

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15 Minute Facebook Growth Hacks For Travel Agents