Are you using Pinterest?  If so, how are you using it?  

If you’re like most users, you’ve probably spent hours and hours of your time making boards for recipes, fashion, home decor, memes, DIY ideas, and all sorts of other… stuff.  It can be addicting!  

But unfortunately, all those cool boards you’ve put together on your personal Pinterest profile don’t do anything to grow your travel business.  You’re going to need a separate Pinterest profile for your business, with a whole different 🔬 focus from your personal page.  

You’re going to want your business page to feature your logo and branding, 🌅 top-notch travel photography, exotic locations, travel trends, maybe some inspirational material…  All the things that will whet a visitor’s appetite for travel, and let them know that you can help them achieve it.  ⛰️ 🏖️ ✈️

On the plus side, setting up a Pinterest page for your travel business is fast, easy, and free.  And there are loads of things you can do with it to grow and expand your reach as a travel agent.  I’ve put together several of my favorite growth hacks for Pinterest in my latest 📽️ video, “15 Minute Pinterest Growth Hacks For Travel Agents.”   Check it out!  

Pinterest is a really cool way to put your promotional material in front of a lot of eyes, and have it point back to your travel blog or website.  Got some great 📸 photos from a recent trip?  Make a pin and post them!  If your pin is eye-catching enough, you’re going to see new potential clients flocking to your door just by clicking your pic.  

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15 Minute Pinterest Growth Hacks For Travel Agents