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Behind the Scenes of the Global Travel Marketplace (GTM)

Aug 11, 2022 | Abundance, Travel Business

We’re going to do something a bit different this week.  This time around, we’re going to give you a rare look inside an exclusive, ✉️ invitation-only travel conference at the Diplomat Resort in Hollywood, FL.  

The Global Travel Marketplace (GTM) is put on by the folks at Travel Weekly for agents with sales of over a million 💵 dollars a year, or agency owners with multi-million dollar sales.  Out of all the travel agents in the country, they only invite between 100 and 130 agents, so this is a really tough ticket.  

It’s different from a typical conference because instead of you going around to all the vendor tables, the vendors actually come to you – like speed-dating!  We were thrilled to be invited, of course, but even more proud of how many of our students were also invited!

That’s why I’m so excited to share my trip to the GTM conference with you!  I videoed my whole experience, from prepping for the trip to getting checked in at the conference, to lounging at the pool, and I want you to come along with me.  

So get your 🍿 popcorn ready and settle in with my new 📽️ video, “Behind the scenes of the GTM, The Travel Conference for 7-figure+ Travel Agents & Agency Owners.”  


Whether you’re an agency owner or a solo agent, I think you can see how GTM is a really cool goal to strive for.  If you’re just starting out or you’re on the cusp of being eligible for an invitation, I want to help you reach that goal.  So let’s make it happen!  And when the next GTM rolls around, hopefully I’ll see you there!  

In abundance,  



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Behind the Scenes of the Global Travel Marketplace (GTM)


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