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The biggest thing that 99.9% of all travel agents have in common is, naturally, a love of travel.  It’s what gets most of us into the travel business in the first place, and it’s what makes the work we do not feel a whole lot like work.  It’s even what we do when we’re taking a vacation from our travel jobs.  🚢  🛫  🏨  🎢 

As great as it is to travel the globe, it can be really expensive. 💸 Cruises, flights, hotels, and resorts don’t come cheap… 

…except when they do.  😃  

See, one of the greatest perks for travel agents is the chance to get exceptional discounts on all sorts of travel opportunities.  Sometimes we even get to travel for free.  

So if these discounts are ready and waiting for us, why isn’t everybody a travel agent?  And how does one access these magical discounts?  Do they hand you a big coupon book when you first change your Facebook job status to “travel agent?”  ❓❓

The truth is, in order to benefit from the perks of being a travel agent, you have to put in some ⏳ time and effort, and you have to know where to look.  In my latest 📽️ video, “Do Travel Agents Really Get Free Travel?” I go over some of the great opportunities travel agents can take advantage of, as well as what’s required of you to become eligible.  Check it out right here:  

Click here to watch on YouTube!   

You’re not going to get to take all sorts of free trips on your first day as a travel agent.  It doesn’t work that way.  But with persistence and know-how, the dream of discounted and free travel for being a travel agent really can become a reality.   

To get you started, here’s our insider's guide to freebies, discounts, and perks for travel professionals.  This cool resource will show you SO MANY ways you can travel for free once you’re a travel agent!  


Travel Agent Secrets, Revealed!


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