How Do I Promote My Travel Agency On Facebook?

Jun 3, 2021 | Abundance

If there’s one piece of 🦉 wisdom I would give to any travel agent or agency, it’s to put more time and energy into your marketing.  There are a lot of potential clients out there looking for a travel agency to work with.  How are they going to know that they should be working with you if you don’t tell them?  

Marketing today means so much more than putting your travel agency’s info on a billboard in your town, or in the local 📰 newspaper.  (For those of you too young to remember, a newspaper was like the internet printed on smudgy paper, but it only changed every 24 hours instead of constantly changing in real time.)  

Today, if you want to promote your travel agency the right way, you’re going to have to expand the scope of your marketing strategy.  After all, your agency is fully capable of serving clients from anywhere, not just your hometown.  So you should really reach out to them.  

You’ve got to up your social media game, your YouTube game, your email game…  And you’re going to have to promote your travel agency where the eyes 👀 of your clients are glued for about 18 hours every day – Facebook.  

Everybody – and I mean everybody – is on Facebook.  And Facebook is full of features that are designed to get your ad in front of your audience.  But it’s not necessarily an intuitive process.   

If you want to know how to maximize your impact on Facebook, check out my latest 📽️ video, “How Do I Promote My Travel Agency On Facebook?”   

Promoting your travel agency on Facebook isn’t optional if you want to grow your business.  It’s a must.  I want to help you do it in a way that’s right for you and your travel agency.  Let’s do this!   

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How Do I Promote My Travel Agency On Facebook?

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