How To Be a Travel Agent For FREE

Jul 20, 2023 | Launch a travel business, Travel Business

When you’re daydreaming at your corporate job, waiting for quittin’ time, it’s easy to think of the life of a travel agent as the ultimate freedom. Freedom to set your own hours, travel the world on 🛳️ “research trips,” make 🤑 money for yourself instead of for some executive who you’ve never met, and so on. The cool thing is, all of this is largely true!

But freedom, as they say, isn’t free. There are costs associated with being a travel agent, especially starting out, that people don’t always know about when they want to take the plunge. A phone, a reliable internet connection, a laptop, marketing, instruction, fees, and all sorts of other stuff… they add up. 💸

So, is that it, then? Do you have to just accept those costs of doing business? Or can you actually be a travel agent for free? 🤔

If these questions are weighing on your mind, you should watch my latest 📽️ video, “How To Be a Travel Agent For FREE.” In it, I go over what it takes to be a travel agent for free, like becoming a travel agent for AAA or American Express, for instance, and what that would mean for your life and your bottom line. I also go over the free and inexpensive resources I have available for you at Wanderlust Campus that can help you decide how you want to pursue your travel agent dreams. Take a look!


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Of course everybody’s situation is different when they decide to be a travel agent. For some, doing it for free, or as close to free as possible, is the only way they can manage setting off on this new adventure. For others, the freedom of being a solo agent is worth the associated costs and then some. The point is, wherever you fall on the spectrum, there is a way for you to follow your passion and become a travel agent. And I’m here to help you do it!


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