How to Become an Independent Travel Agent – From Home!

Oct 8, 2020 | Abundance, Aspiring travel agents, Launch a travel business, Operations, Travel Business

Let me 🎨 paint you a picture.  There’s a desk.  A ☎️ telephone.  A beige computer.  A rolling chair.  These things are surrounded by three-and-a-half walls made from something more akin to drab carpet than actual building material.  There’s a “window” the size of a throw pillow.  A Garfield 📅 calendar push-pinned to the wall.  

Back in the day, if you wanted to be a travel agent, that’s pretty much what your life looked like on a nine-to-five basis.  Either you were in a call center cubicle farm with other disillusioned worker bees under a big agency or you were in a “mom-and-pop” agency in some strip mall unit that used to be a nail salon, and probably would be again some day.  

I’ve been through that.  I've lived that life.  And I’m here to tell you the travel business is in a MUCH more appealing place today.  

That place?  Your own home!  Or Starbucks!  Or the 🏖️ beach!  

Technology – cell phones!  WiFi!  Laptops!  – has shifted the travel industry from corporate confinement to independent freedom.  And it’s a blast.  

So how do you join the fun and get started on your independent travel agent adventure?   Are there any downsides to being an independent travel agent?  Are there any secrets, tips, tricks, or suggestions that an experienced pro can pass along?   

Funny you should ask.  I just made a 📽️ video on “How to Become an Independent Travel Agent from Home!”   Watch the video and I’ll give you the steps you need to follow to get started – and to succeed!  

Whether you’re a travel agent looking to branch out from a host relationship to go it on your own, or you’re looking to escape your nine-to-five and join the travel industry for the first time, this video may be the ⚡ spark ⚡ you need to make it happen.  You can do it! 

Oh, by the way… you heard me mention it in the video (wait, you haven’t watched the video yet??  Get to it!)  So here’s the link to the free Master Class:  Five Shifts to a Six-Figure Travel Business and Beyond.  We just updated it for 2020 with brand new information on exactly what you should be doing now to thrive.

If you’re ready to really supercharge your business and make it soar, you may be ready to dive into the Careers on Vacation Mastermind!  It’s the ultimate tool for travel professionals and travel agency owners. 

Apply using the link below, and let’s get on a discovery call to see what we can do together!


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How to Become an Independent Travel Agent - From Home!

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