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How To Close More Sales As A Travel Agent

Jan 21, 2021 | Grow a travel business, Sales, Scale a travel agency

If there’s one thing I could teach you that would change your life right now, it would be how to close more sales as a travel agent.  

Think about it mathematically.  If you do the work with your clients to create 100 sales opportunities, and you close 30 sales, you make a certain amount of money.  Call it X. 💲

But if you do the work to create 100 opportunities and close 60 sales, you make 2X, which is twice the money 💲💲 you would have made in the first example… 

…without doing any more work. 

That’s right.  You can do the same amount of work, make more sales, and make more money, just by being more skillful at the art of closing.  Better techniques, better approach, higher confidence levels, more practice… they all lead to bigger paydays! 💰

So do you know how to close more sales as a travel agent? 🤔

Let me tell you where to start. 

  1. Identify and track your goals   
  2. Reform your beliefs about the sales process 
  3. Improve your sales processes

And it’s just that simple, right?  In three easy bullet points, you now know how to close more sales as a travel agent.  Go out there and make that money!!!!   🤑 


Okay, there’s a bit more to it than that.  If you want to know exactly how (and why) to actually make the changes those three points imply, you need to watch my latest 📽️ video, “How to Close More Sales As a Travel Agent.”  Check it out!  

I hope you get a lot out of that video and are inspired to do what is necessary to close more sales.  If you can up your sales success rate, you’ll find the travel business way more rewarding – in more ways than one!  

And if you’re ready to really close more sales in 2021, then now is the time to join the Careers on Vacation Mastermind!  It’s the ultimate tool for travel professionals and travel agency owners.  

Apply using the link below, and let’s get on a discovery call to see what we can do together! 



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How To Close More Sales As A Travel Agent | Wanderlust CEO | Cyndi Williams

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