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How to Succeed As a Disney-focused Travel Agent

Sep 18, 2020 | Aspiring travel agents, Launch a travel business, Travel Business

Do you have a huge passion for Disney?  Would you consider yourself a Disney nerd?  Do you obsess over planning every detail of your own Disney trips?  Do you find yourself happily doling out Disney vacation advice to your friends and family… for free?    

If so, it sounds like focusing your travel business on Disney could very well be right up your Main Street.   

You see, Disney people really are ❤️ passionate ❤️ about their favorite travel destination.  They wear the ears, they happily shell out for the Mickey Bars, and they believe in the power of pixie dust.  And if you’re going to have your travel business cater to these fanatical fans, then having a passion for Disney that they can connect with is your foundation for success.  

Of course, enthusiasm on its own isn't enough.  You’re running a business, after all, and you need to treat it as such, even if a large part of your business involves riding on the back of an 🐘 elephant as it soars majestically through the sky in a circle for two minutes.  

If you want your travel business to be Disney focused and highly successful – like, 💲 six-figure successful – you’re going to have to do the work.  

And what, specifically, is the work to which I refer, that will put you on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride* to travel business success?  Glad you asked.  Watch the video linked below and I’ll give you my Five Steps to Being a Successful Disney-focused Travel Agent!   

To be successful as a Disney-focused travel agent, you’re going to want to implement the steps I outlined in the video.  Of course, you’re also going to have to know how to be a successful travel agent in the first place.  You need to know how to market yourself, how to operate in the online space, how to use your video strategy to get a regular flow of clients…  

Never fear – my Careers on Vacation Mastermind can help!  Careers on Vacation is an ASTA-affiliated travel school that’s designed to help you launch, grow, and supersize your travel business.  It’s the ultimate tool for travel professionals and travel agency owners. 

Let’s get on a discovery call and see what we can do together!  Apply for Careers on Vacation using the link below.


*Just to clarify, I’m referring to the Disneyland version of Mr. Toad’s, which is one of the last remaining original rides from Disneyland’s opening in 1955.  I am not referring to the Disney World version of the ride, which closed in 1998.   Comparing your business to a defunct and largely forgotten theme park ride…that would just be mean!


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How to Succeed As a Disney-focused Travel Agent

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