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How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Travel Agency

Feb 18, 2021 | Grow a travel business, Marketing, Scale a travel agency

I’ve been in the travel business for over 25 years, and I have got to tell you:  it has never been easier to inform potential clients of why they should use your particular  travel agency.  

In the old days, you would get clients by word of mouth, print 📰 advertisements, signs, and even… heaven help me… cold 📞 calls.  It’s a wonder any travel agency ever got any clients.  

But now, just look at the avenues of communication you have access to:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, TikTok… the list seems endless.  And if you actually know how to use social media to grow your travel agency, you can promote your agency to millions of potential clients all over the 🌎 world.   

So where do you start?  Do you have to pay for advertising?  Can you use the same material on multiple platforms?  Are there certain platforms that are more likely to grow your travel agency than others?  How do you prioritize these platforms?  Can you use social media to grow your travel agency even if you aren’t particularly social media savvy in your personal life?  🤔 

Here’s the best thing I can tell you right off the bat.  If you want to use social media, don’t just jump into the deep end head first.  You should have a plan.  A true social media strategy for growing your travel agency.  

Want to know how to build a social media strategy that works for your business?  Your first stop should be my latest 📽️ video, “How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Travel Agency.”  Check it out!  

Developing a social media strategy – especially building one from scratch – can seem a daunting task.  But if you can embrace social media as a way to get your travel agency out in front of potential clients, you will soon start to see the difference in the growth of your agency.

And if you’re ready to really use social media and other marketing avenues to increase sales and your client base in 2021, then now is the time to join the Careers on Vacation Mastermind!  It’s the ultimate tool for travel professionals and travel agency owners.  

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How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Travel Agency | Cyndi Williams

How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Travel Agency | Cyndi Williams

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