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How Travel Agents Can Find Their Clients on Social Media

Jun 17, 2021 | Grow a travel business, Marketing, Sales

So you’ve decided to up your social media game in order to 📈 boost your travel business.  Great idea!  

But what’s your plan?  How are you going to find clients on social media?  🤔  

Option 1:  Wing it.  

Social media can’t be that hard.  Slap together a business page for all of the platforms you can think of.  Send out the occasional message when something pops in your head. 💡 Ask a ten-year-old to post on TikTok for you, because who else knows how that thing works.  Make sure every post includes a blurb about booking vacations through you, their favorite travel agent.  Wait for the clients to come knocking on your door.  

Option 2:  Make a plan. 

Learn how to account for and work with the differences between the various social media platforms.  Learn how to use 💲 paid ads to build your following and find clients on social media.  Make sure you have a strong, consistent brand presence.  Deliver valuable content, not just pretty pictures of the beach at sunset.  

It’s obvious that having a plan is the better choice if you’re serious about finding clients on social media.  And it would be smart to work with a seasoned pro – like yours truly – to make that plan, so you can really optimize your social media presence.  

For starters, watch my latest 📽️ video, “How Travel Agents Can Find Their Clients on Social Media,” right here.  I’ve been building followings on social media and converting them into clients for years, so you can put my experience to work for your travel business.  

You are fully capable of using social media, in all its various guises, to build your travel business and find new clients.  If you start with a good plan, make social media a priority, and stay consistent, you’ll see results that can supersize your business and make you the go-to travel agent you want to be.  

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