How Will AI Affect the Travel Industry?

May 18, 2023 | Abundance, Operations, Sales, Travel Business

Artificial Intelligence. A.I. This term has been blowing up the internet over the last year or so, usually in headlines designed to 😧 scare you into clicking on them.

“Artificial Intelligence is Coming for Your Job!”
“A.I. Will Destroy the _______ Industry!”
“Is Your Spouse Actually an A.I. Bot in Disguise?” 🤖

It certainly seems like we’re experiencing a major shift in “the norm” thanks to this fascinating, and potentially frightening, technological advance. But what does it mean for us as travel agents? How will A.I. affect the travel industry? 🤔

Having seen my fair share of seismic shifts in travel, including changing security restrictions, destination lockdowns, the rise of online travel sites, and so much more, I get the feeling that A.I. is going to be the same sort of thing. That is to say, while it may seem worrisome for some travel agents, people are still going to want to take 🧳 ✈️ vacations, and they’re still going to need our help.

I’ve gathered my thoughts about the impact A.I. is going to have – and is already having – on travel in my new 📽️ video, “How Will AI Affect the Travel Industry?” Check it out at the link below.

Click here to watch on YouTube!

As with any major change, A.I. can make anybody feel nervous. But as long as we understand that it’s a 🛠️ tool, not a 👿 monster, we can actually use A.I to improve our lives as travel agents. So approach with an appropriate amount of caution, put in some solid research, and try a nice dose of optimism, and you’ll be taking advantage of A.I. in your travel business in no time.


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