Do you have people in your life that are total bring-downs?  

Tell them you won the 💲 lottery and they tell you how much 💸 tax you’re going to have to pay.  Tell them you’re having a 🍼 baby and they tell you how you’re not going to get any sleep for the next few years.  Tell them you’re excited about your new career as a travel agent and they say…   

❓ Is being a travel agent in 2023 really a viable career? 

❓ Can you actually make a respectable amount of money as a travel agent?  

❓ Is this really the best time to be a travel agent?  

They just want to be sure we’re approaching our next big thing with our eyes open, and that’s a good thing.  But it can be frustrating when they hit us with questions that imply that maybe we aren’t thinking these big decisions through.  

Want to know how to respond to these Debbie Downers and Buddy Buzzkills?  Well, take a look at my latest 📽️ video, “Is Being a Travel Agent in 2023 a Viable Career?” where I answer some of the common, let’s say… concerns… that new travel agents encounter from people who probably have only the best of intentions. 

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Your friends and loved ones want to make sure you’re making good decisions.  We all get that.  So just remember what I’ve laid out in the video, respond with kindness, and get ready for a career that’s more than just viable – it’s amazing.  

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 Is Being a Travel Agent in 2023 a Viable Career?