Marketing and Sales Pitfalls That Can Devastate Your Business

Apr 16, 2020 | Marketing

When I talk to aspiring or established agents, I always ask what their challenges could be or they’re currently experiencing. I bet you can guess what I hear 99.9% of the time based on the title of this article.

Aspiring agents are scared they won’t market correctly and in turn their lead flow will come in dribs and drabs. Or, they’ll attract a client that doesn’t align with their vision, or even worse they’ll attract price shoppers and bargain hunters. They’re also apprehensive about the sales process – the who, what where, when and how.

Most of the established agents I talk to and work with might have a nice little biz going, but just feel STUCK. Sometimes they’re depending solely on repeat clients, family and friends. And why? Well, maybe they’ve tried every marketing “trick” in the book (and spent a fortune in doing so), or thought they found the magic bullet in a general marketing course or social media webinar. Then…crickets. Regarding sales, maybe the processes they’re using are broken, inconsistent and totally generic. This could mean a low close rate.
In either case – marketing or sales – it’s important to understand what the common pitfalls are and how to overcome them. Let’s explore three for each topic here.

Marketing Pitfall #1 – Your branding is too generic

You know that saying…if you’re trying to appeal to everyone, you’re appealing to no one? That’s what we mean here, and it’s totally true. Branding should clear in what your business objectives are and should appeal to YOUR potential client base. It’s the common thread that is woven through all marketing channels. Be diligent about this! Consistency will lead to brand recognition!

Marketing Pitfall #2 – Your marketing is attracting the wrong type of client

The right marketing should offend people – the people that don’t fit the profile of your ideal client – and ATTRACT a better fit. So, think about what you’re saying when marketing! Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer. What verbiage would you want to hear that would make you pick up the phone, send an email, or schedule the consult?

Marketing Pitfall #3 – Your business has no brand identity

This is not the same thing as pitfall #1. Here, we’re talking about YOU and who you ARE. So, think about that – who are you? Are you showing up as your authentic self in your business? Are others able to form a connection or bond with you? Weaving in who you are creates that connection or bond. It builds the know, like and trust. And that will help establish client relationships that’ll last a lifetime.

Sales Pitfall #1 – Lack of consumer confidence

If you see yourself as lacking confidence in the sales process, a prospect is probably seeing or feeling the exact same thing. They NEED to have confidence in you, after all, you’re booking their hard-earned vacation that they’ve been saving for. So, start believing in YOU. That’s the best first step. Then nurture. Again, build know, like and trust. You can also use techniques that will show your confidence early in the sales process – maybe in the email you’re sending to confirm a consult, or during the consult process itself. And we’re talking well BEFORE the quote or proposal presentation.

Sales Pitfall #2 – You’re NOT positioning yourself as an expert

This kind of works hand in hand with the above point. If you hesitate when explaining your value and expertise, your prospect will hesitate too. So, work to build your knowledge – learn, read, and practice. Are you going to be an expert in everything? It’s impossible. Accept it, work through it and around it. Then shine your light.

Sales Pitfall #3 – Lack of follow up

Have you ever presented a proposal then a prospect go radio silent? We all have. Did you attempt to follow up with them? How many times? How? Or, have you ever fallen into the “I don’t want to bug them” trap? Yeah, me too. A recent study by ASTA suggests that six follow ups is the average needed to close a sale. SIX. So, our follow up processes NEED to be on point. Keeping this in mind, tweak existing sales processes to account for the necessary touch points. Then commit to executing. The follow up step is a part of the job!

So, there you have it. And we’ve only scratched the surface! There’s so much more to the marketing piece of your business and then your sales processes and techniques. If you’d like to hear more tips and tricks on these disciplines, check out the Careers on Vacation Masterclass and pop into our group on Facebook. We hope to see you there! Until next time!


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