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Marketing for New Travel Agents

Apr 13, 2023 | Aspiring travel agents, Grow a travel business, Launch a travel business, Marketing

Marketing a travel agency – especially for an agent who is just starting out in the business – can be tough.  After all, 99% of travel agents don’t have degrees in marketing, graphic design, sales, copywriting, or any of the other things that go into making your travel agency appeal to potential clients.  

So you’re bound to be facing an uphill climb.  🧗  

The good news is, there’s nothing about marketing that’s beyond your capabilities, even as a new travel agent.  To get a handle on marketing in a way that’s efficient, effective, and doesn’t take up a good chunk of each and every day of your life, you just need some guidance!  

In my new  📽️ video, “Marketing for New Travel Agents,” I tell you all about

 🌟 A simple three-step marketing process you can put into practice in your travel business  

 🌟 The one thing that is killing your engagement (and what to do about it!) 

 🌟 How you can save hundreds of hours on marketing prep and planning this year   

That’s a lot of content in one video, so you should really give it a look!  

Click here to watch on YouTube!   

With an effective process, a bit of advice, and the right tools at your disposal, you can start to create your marketing strategically and in advance, and then put it largely on autopilot while you reap the benefits.  Heck, you may even start to think marketing is fun!  

In abundance,  




I've boiled down all you really need to know about how to plan, create, and schedule an effective, professional marketing campaign into my proven Marketing Blueprint – and it's yours to use!  

Click Here to Download Your Marketing Blueprint For Travel Agents


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