3 Reasons to Become a Travel Agent

Jun 4, 2024 | Aspiring travel agents, Launch a travel business, Operations, Travel Business

Have you ever dreamed of turning your passion for travel into a rewarding career? We've identified the top three reasons why becoming a travel agent might be the perfect path for you. Discover how your love for travel, commitment to self-investment, and entrepreneurial spirit can lead to a fulfilling and successful career.

Originally posted April 2020; updated June 2024


Here at Wanderlust Campus, one question continues to stand out: “Is becoming a travel agent right for me?”

And we get it – most of our students choose a career in travel because they love traveling. But, becoming a travel agent is not just about booking trips; it involves a deep passion for travel, a commitment to continuous learning, and the ability to run a successful business. Let's explore the three essential steps to determine if becoming a travel agent is the right path for you, so you can turn your passion into a thriving business.


Reason 1: You Are Passionate About Travel

When considering a career as a travel agent, the first and foremost question to ask is: Do you have a passion for travel?

True passion is more than a fleeting interest; it’s a deep-seated love that fuels your soul. If you find that travel is your passion, you're on the verge of an incredible journey. However, if the passion isn’t there, we would strongly recommend that you evaluate your desire to jump into the industry.


Because becoming a travel agent requires a commitment to learning the ins and outs of the industry. It’s not as simple as finding deals on Expedia or knowing Disney’s FastPass+ system. The industry demands hard work, dedication, and an extensive understanding of regulations and best practices.

If you’re not truly invested in the travel industry, it will be a challenge to motivate yourself to learn the ins and outs of creating a successful career in travel.


Reason 2: You Have the Required Resources

Time and money are our most precious resources. Many wonder if starting a travel business is feasible on a tight budget. The short answer is yes, but it may not lead to the success you envision without proper investment. Because the truth is, to build a successful travel business, you have to invest in yourself and in your business.

In order to set yourself up for success, you will need things like marketing, a customer relationship management system, and other tools – all of which cost money. But these investments are crucial for establishing a solid foundation and excelling in this industry.

Time is another critical resource. Travel isn’t a “set-it-and-forget-it” business. Providing excellent service to clients often requires long hours, including weekends, to ensure seamless travel experiences. Balancing a 9-5 job while building your travel business may demand early mornings and late nights so you can secure the best deals for your clients.

The best advice we can give you is: Approach this venture as a serious business. Many enter the industry for fun but fail to treat it with the professionalism it requires, leading to disappointment. Building a successful travel business involves prioritizing long-term goals and putting in the necessary work and sacrifice. Whether you choose a DIY approach or seek guidance from a coach, investing in supportive resources can significantly enhance your chances of success.


Reason 3 – You Are Ready to Run a Business

Which leads us to – if you’re ready to invest the necessary resources, it’s time to consider the requirements of running a successful online business.

It’s much more than getting a website, a CRM login and being “open for business.” If you can’t get people coming through your door (or, in this case, your virtual door), your business will not be successful. So many people approach becoming a travel agent as a hobby – but if you want to be successful and live the life you dream of, you have to run it as a business.

One major piece of treating your business like a business is marketing. Here at Wanderlust Campus, we view marketing as the lifeblood of any business because it’s essential to keeping your doors open.

The other core component of running a business is determining how you will operate.

You can opt for the DIY route and go independent, requiring grit, dedication, and faith.

If this is the path you choose, seek guidance from experienced professionals or consider joining the Careers on Vacation Mastermind. With years of experience, we offer resources to help both new and struggling travel agents avoid common pitfalls and achieve their goals.

Further reading: Learn how to make being an independent agent possible in this post.

Alternatively, you can work with a hosting agency as an independent contractor, benefiting from their resources while retaining some autonomy. This can be a good solution for new travel agents because they can take advantage of the host's resources – basic training programs, optional systems, and a network of professionals for support. However, hosting has its downsides, such as retaining liability and sharing commissions.

Further reading: This post shares the top questions to ask a potential host agency.



You don’t have to navigate this journey alone. If you’re ready to embark on this exciting career path or need support in your existing travel business, we’re here to help. Join our free masterclass, “5 Shifts to a Six-Figure Travel Business and Beyond,” and discover what it takes to build a successful travel business. Together, we can make your travel business dreams a reality.


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