Here’s something I get asked from time to time:  

“Cyndi, I want to expand my opportunities to get more leads.  Should I join a networking group as a travel agent?”

It’s a very good question.  

You want to explore all the available avenues that can bring in leads and grow your business, leaving no stone unturned.  But are networking groups the answer?  🤔 

With a networking group, as with most things, there are 👍 pros and 👎 cons.  You can meet other entrepreneurs – even some other travel agents – swap tips, share leads, and make connections.  On the other hand, they usually have rules about mandatory attendance at meetings, they can take up a lot of your 🕰️ time, and they don’t necessarily result in a high volume of new leads.   

So what’s the bottom line with networking groups?  I am happy to tell you what you need to know in my latest 📽️ video, “Should I Join A Networking Group As A Travel Agent?”  

Watch the video, think about what a networking group can do for you as a travel agent, and whether you think a networking group is a good fit for your marketing strategy.  And let me know if you have any questions! 

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Should I Join A Networking Group As A Travel Agent? | Wanderlsut CEO | Cyndi Williams