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Start a Blog in Under an Hour Per Month

Apr 20, 2023 | Aspiring travel agents, Grow a travel business, Launch a travel business, Marketing

You’re probably very familiar with the impact a blog 💻 can have. Many of us have blogs that we will drop everything to read the moment new content is posted. And we have blogs we look to again and again for personal and professional advice, just as an example.

If you had a blog for your ✈️ travel business, you could have that kind of readership too, right? It would be so fantastic to see people seeking out your expert opinions and advice on the travel and travel-related topics you cover with every post. 🗺️ And with SEO boosts from keeping your blog fresh and updated with high quality content, blogging is a great way to draw in and keep clients.

But surely all that writing, sourcing 🖼️ images, and designing regular posts takes a tremendous amount of time and effort. If you already have a lot on your plate (and as a business owner, that’s a given), you can’t possibly find the time to create a solid, impactful, regularly updated blog, can you? 🤔

In my new 📽️ video, “Start a Blog in Under an Hour Per Month,” I give you the number one tool you can use to get this wonderful blog of yours up and running and full of content in less time than you ever thought possible. (Spoiler alert: It’s Wanderlust Social.) Take a look!

Click here to watch on YouTube!  

If you think of creating and keeping up your blog as this massive task you have to do all by yourself, you’re probably dooming yourself before you even get started. But if you take advantage of customizable, done-for-you content from Wanderlust Social, you’ll have an effective blog in no time without even breaking a sweat! 😎

Want to know more about Wanderlust Social? Here’s the skinny:

Wanderlust Social is an affordable, turnkey marketing platform that gives you everything you need to market your travel business, right down to the images and captions to share on social media.

If you’ve been dreaming of stunning, effective, professional marketing materials to grow your travel business…then your wish has been granted! 🪄

Cyndi, Tell Me More About Wanderlust Social!


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