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The Fee Models Travel Agents Are Using Post Pandemic

Jun 23, 2022 | Abundance

As the world opens back up with the loosening of COVID-19 restrictions, we are all having to adjust to 🔮 unforeseen changes.  The travel business has been one of the industries that was most affected by COVID-19, and it’s not likely to get back to the old “normal” anytime soon.  

One of the changes we’re facing is an overhaul in how travel agents get paid for their work.  Traditionally, travel agents would do the research, book the ✈️ flights, secure the hotels, arrange for 🪂 excursions, and all that good stuff, and the client wouldn’t have to pay the agent.  Payment of commissions would come from the suppliers once the clients took the fabulous 🧳 trips the agents booked for them.  

This is still largely the case, but the pandemic showed everybody the fragility of that system.  When COVID hit, travel agents were doing all the work they usually do, but suddenly all the actual trips were being 🚫 shut down or cancelled.  No trips equals no commissions, meaning the travel agents did all that work for nothing and their expected income was all dried up.  

And that’s not gonna work, folks.  🙅  

So now, many travel agents are turning to a 💲 fee-based model to complement the commission model that’s still in place.  These fees are a safety net in case things get all out of whack again, and they are a way to make sure a travel agent's efforts are rewarded.  

So what do these fee models look like and how should you incorporate them in your travel business?  Watch my latest 📽️ video, “The Fee Models Travel Agents Are Using Post Pandemic,” and find out!  

Fees have always been an important tool in a travel agent’s toolbox.  They help make sure you aren’t wasting your time or being taken advantage of by someone who wants you to do all the legwork, only for them to do the bookings themselves.  Now more than ever, you should be making fees a part of your packages, because you deserve to be paid for the hard work you do.  

So many travel agents struggle to grow their businesses because they don't have the right tools in their toolbox. 🙁

*Some states prohibit fees, be sure to refer to seller of travel laws in your state, and the states you serve. 

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The Fee Models Travel Agents Are Using Post Pandemic

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