If you ask me, being a travel agent is just about the greatest profession there is.  Helping people to experience the 🏖️ vacation of their dreams, empowering them to make a lifetime of happy memories in a week or two of ✈️ travel…  What could possibly be better? 

That’s the way it’s supposed to go.  Fun times, happy clients, exotic locations, fine food…the good life!  🥂   

But let me tell you, there are some hard truths about being a travel agent that I wish somebody had told me about back when I was first getting started.  

It’s not all sunshine ☀️ and roses 🌹 in the travel business.  And when you start your own agency, that only doubles the troubles.  (Hey, that rhymes!)  

I’ve got to say, I wish I had someone telling me what I’m about to tell you in my new 📽️ video, “The Hard Truth About Being A Travel Agent | 3 Things To Know Before Starting Your Travel Agency.”  The voice of experience, tempering expectations, dropping truth bombs, telling it like it is… 

Of course, I hope these truths that I’m sharing won’t drive you off from the travel profession!  

Hopefully they’ll actually make your life as a travel agent easier than mine was back when I was enrolled in the School of Travel Business Hard Knocks.  If you can walk into your career as a travel agent and/or agency owner with your eyes open, with high hopes and realistic expectations, you’ll be in a fantastic position to thrive.  And I’m sure you will! 

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The Hard Truth About Being A Travel Agent | 3 Things To Know Before Starting Your Travel Agency