Now more than ever, your clients need you as the travel industry begins to reopen from the COVID-19 crisis.  Be the expert they need right now!

Travel professionals, this is our moment. 💪 This is what we’ve been waiting for, what we’ve been training for.

Our time has come. 

Our clients need us now more than ever – and it’s time for us to step up and be the beacon of light to guide them through the morass of media to the TRUTH! 

(A little over-the-top?  Probably.  But it’s also true!) 

There has never been a more interesting, fascinating time to be in the travel industry. 

Mass closures at resorts and theme parks, planes grounded, borders closed.  

We’ve talked before about how the global COVID-19 crisis has woken travelers up to the value that we travel professionals bring to travel planning…

…but we need to be proactive, to be vocal, to share our expertise with a public that is overwhelmed and inundated with less-than-reliable information from a myriad of sources! 

Right now, your job is to be on top of what’s going on and position yourself as the EXPERT you are – so you can serve your clients at the highest level! 

Whether you specialize in cruises, all-inclusives, family travel, or something else – you NEED to be a source of accurate, reliable information for your clients. 

Y’all know that I’m a huge Disney fan, as I know a lot of you are, so let’s use Disney as an example. 

As of this writing, Disney will be reopening in a phased approach on July 11, starting first with Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, followed by Hollywood Studios and Epcot on July 15. 🙌

Great!  We have opening dates!  But clients will be wondering, what about…

❓ Resort hotels?  Which ones are opening when?  Will my reservation be canceled if my resort isn’t open?  Or will they move it automatically for me?  Will I have a say in which resort it’s moved to? 

❓ The parades?  Fireworks?  Character meet-and-greets?  Bibbidy-Bobbidy Boutique? Shows? 

❓ Advance Dining Reservations?  Are they still in place?

❓ Will they have capacity limitations?  Will Annual Passholders be able to visit the parks?  Will we need reservations? 

❓ What if I’m too nervous to go to the parks right now – will I incur cancellation or rescheduling penalties? 

❓ Do I have to reschedule my Fastpasses?  PLEASE SAY I DON’T HAVE TO RESCHEDULE MY FASTPASSES! 

And the question to end all questions….

❓❓❓Are we going to have to wear masks in the park in the hot Florida sun❓❓❓

The information is changing DAILY – even HOURLY!  But as a Disney travel agent…

🔥 You have the inside scoop.  

🔥 You have the hookup.

🔥 You can go straight to the source to get the most accurate information.

Imagine the value and relief that this brings to your clients!  They don’t have to scour the internet – they can just come to you (or, even better, follow you on your social media channels where you’re providing timely, reliable information). 

They can relax and focus on having a great time on their vacation – knowing that you’ll take care of everything and that they can ask you whatever questions they have.

That peace of mind is worth its weight in ✨ pixie dust! ✨ 

Your next steps are what separate you, the exceptional travel professional, from the average travel agents.  

You have to make yourself visible.  Put on your Mickey ears and make sure you’re consistently and effectively marketing your services RIGHT NOW! 

All these clients who were burned by OTAs have learned their lessons – they want to work with a travel professional who is an expert, who knows their stuff, and who will support them as they plan their next vacations (you know, everything Expedia DIDN’T do during the COVID-19 crisis).

How you are marketing yourself and positioning yourself as an expert and partner right now will impact your business into the future.

Don’t waste this opportunity to serve your clients at the highest level!  Now is the time to show off what you do and what you know in a BIG WAY!

“But Cyndi…how do I do that?

I know I’m going to sound like a broken record to some of you, but…


If you are not using video to communicate with your clients and market your services, you are MISSING THE BOAT! 

At Tripsy Travel and then through our Careers on Vacation program we pioneered video strategy in this industry – and it has paid off in unimaginable ways!

Video helps you build rapport with your audience, to put a face to the voice they hear on the phone, and to position you as an expert who is dedicated to creating unforgettable vacation experiences for your clients! 

So, my challenge to you is this, friends:

  1. Get out there, get visible, and position yourself as an expert.
  2. Market your services!  Talk about how you can help people!  Let them know you’re currently booking travel and what great deals are going on!
  3. GET.  ON.  VIDEO.  Stat.  Don’t overthink it.  Do it.  

Our industry is about to explode – and you need to be ready for it!  It’s our time to SHINE!


In abundance, 



P.S.  I’ve been talking a lot recently about what the next few months will look like at Disney – be sure to check these videos out on YouTube!

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