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As it is February, the month centered around 💕 Valentine’s Day, I am focusing on things I love when it comes to the travel business.  And I love perks.  🥰  

Perks, those little extra benefits you get from certain activities or memberships you’re involved in.  Those little sweeteners on the top of an already good situation.  Gotta love ‘em. 

When you’re a travel agent, the built-in benefits are right there in front of you:  talking about travel, planning trips that make people happy, making money doing something you enjoy, etc.  But what are the perks?  🤔  

Well, travel agent perks are some of the best perks in any industry, especially for those of us who love travel and everything that goes with it.  Free familiarization trips to places like Hawaii, or on 🚢 cruises, or to all-inclusive resorts.  Travel industry-only discounts on everything from cruises to 🎢 theme park tickets.  Incentive programs where the more you book, the more bonuses you get.  And more!  

The list of perks you could be getting as a travel agent is long and full of exciting stuff, and I go through the best parts in my 📽️ video, “Travel Agent Perks I Love.”  Take a look and see what you could have coming to you as a travel agent!  

Click here to watch on YouTube!   

You shouldn’t get into the travel agent business just for the perks.  The job requires a lot of hard work, training, and commitment to service.  And you don’t just get to declare that you’re a travel agent and have the free trips come pouring in.  

But if you’re in it for the love of travel, and you’re committed, and you’re doing things the right way, don’t be surprised when those sweet perks start rolling your way!  

Click the link below to get our insider's guide to freebies, discounts, and perks for travel professionals.  This cool resource will show you SO MANY ways you can travel for free and experience these other fantastic perks once you’re a travel agent!

Travel Agent Secrets, Revealed!

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