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Tricks & Treats in the Travel Industry

Nov 2, 2023 | Operations, Travel Business

You should be seeing this a couple of days after Halloween, so I want you to think way back to the big day itself. Did you have a fun time? Did you take the kids trick-or-treating? Did you go trick-or-treating yourself? (Hey, no judgment here.)

These days, when the various 🧛 monsters and princesses and superheroes show up at your door, they fully expect an offering of fun-size 🍫 candy bars and lip-puckering 🍬 sour candies tossed into their bags and pumpkin pails. Pretty much all treats, no tricks.

But back in the day, well-meaning (or maybe not so well-meaning) neighbors would drop in weird stuff nobody wanted. Apples. Little baggies of pennies. 🪥 Toothbrushes and floss. Who does that?

When it comes to looking for information about building and growing a travel business, you’ll find it’s a lot like going around on Halloween. There are lots of great treats like freebies and travel perks. But there are also plenty of tricks you really should avoid, and you never know what you’re going to get.

That’s why I’m here to guide you! I’ve picked out several of my favorite treats that come with being a travel professional, as well as some real tricks to be on the lookout for. You can learn all about them in my latest 📽️ video, “Tricks & Treats in the Travel Industry.” Take a look!

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When you go trick-or-treating, the goal is to score the best candy treats and to avoid the Charlie Brown treatment. (“I got a rock.”) And it’s the same with building your travel business. With the proper guidance and care, you can stay away from all the tricks and take home all the treats, and grow your travel business the right way.


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I’ve picked out several of my favorite treats that come with being a travel professional, as well as some real tricks to be on the lookout for.


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