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What Do You Have To Do To Become A Travel Agent?

Mar 25, 2021 | Abundance

This is absolutely one of the very top questions I get on a regular basis:  “What do you have to do to become a travel agent?”  🤔  

Since I started my own journey as a travel agent way back in the 90s, the industry has grown and changed and had its 🎢 ups and downs.  The processes, the available resources, the required skills, the competition…  The environment for becoming a travel agent today looks very different than it did when I first started.  

But the one fundamental thing that stays the same in the travel industry no matter what is that a travel agent’s job is to serve clients and ensure that they have the very best travel experience possible.  As a beginner travel agent, you have to start somewhere, so it might as well be there.  To become a travel agent, you have to make sure you have a ❤️ heart and a 🧠 mind for serving the client and making them happy.   

Okay, so that’s what you need to do philosophically to become a travel agent.  But what else?  Do you have to go to school?  Get an apprenticeship?  Take a travel equivalent of the Hippocratic Oath?  (“First, do no harm… to the client’s vacation by booking them into a timeshare presentation without telling them.”)  😄  

In my latest 📽️ video, “What Do You Have To Do To Become A Travel Agent?” I break down what you are required to do to become a travel agent, as well as what you should do.  As always, there is a difference.  

I hope this video helps you see that becoming a travel agent is within your grasp.  There is nothing stopping you from being a part of this exciting and vital profession.  And with the right attitude and work ethic, you can be a big success, help lots of people, and have the time of your life doing it.  

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