What should travel agents post on social media?  

Inspirational quotes?  Info on the 💲 deals and discounts you can provide?  Pics of fabulous 🏖️ travel locations?  Video messages?   

Your social media output can make or break your travel business.  One travel agent drops viral content and it 📈 boosts their sales by, like, a million percent.  Another travel agent posts pics of their 🐈 cats and they crash and burn and are back to working in the coal mines by the next weekend.  

(Okay, that’s an exaggeration.  I mean, how could someone fail with a cat pic on social media?  But you get the point.)   

The truth is, we all know that social media needs to be a major part of a travel agent’s marketing plan.  But not everybody knows how to really use social media to their advantage.  

So, what should travel agents post on social media?  What kind of content will get the most traction with customers?  Why aren’t your posts making the kind of impact you are looking for?  Are there any inside tips to boosting engagement on social media?  🤔  

Watch my latest 📽️ video, “What Should Travel Agents Post On Social Media,” and get all the answers you need!  



Don’t flounder about any more with trial-and-error social posts.  Learn what works and what doesn’t, and get started growing your business with my tried-and-true social media tips.  Go for it! 

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What Should Travel Agents Post On Social Media