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You’ve got to check out a day in Cyndi’s life!

Aug 5, 2021 | Abundance

I’m so blown away by the response to my “A Day in the Life of a 7 Figure Travel Entrepreneur” video from last week!  Truly amazing.  

It’s already one of my most popular videos I’ve ever put on YouTube, and if you missed it…it’s not too late!  

It’s a literal view into a day in my life as a travel agent, as the camera follows me from when I ⏰ wake up in the morning to when I finish my work day in the evening.  The busy times, the relaxing times, the meetings, the calls, the videos, the editing, the wardrobe changes, the mugs…it’s all here – even the pups!  🐕 

Check out the 📽️ video, “A Day In The Life Of A 7 Figure Travel Entrepreneur,” right here!  

Take a look at a day in my life and you’ll see that your travel business dreams are within your reach!  I’d love to talk to you about how I can help you make them a reality.      

You should also check out what’s cooking in my kitchen as I get you ready to go back to school!  I’m cooking up things you can do to help your travel business, so grab a plate and dig in!  🍳 🍽️ 


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A Day in the Life of a Travel Entrepreneur

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