Travel Agency Launch Kit

Congratulations we found the perfect program to help you reach your goals! 

Our personal recommendation for you: 

Your survey revealed that you are dedicated and serious about scaling your own portable, profitable travel business.  You want to curate a special brand that will grow with your goals, and even though you are new you see yourself working independently in the future.  That’s great!  You also understand that how you set up your business now will make a huge difference in your ability to scale your business later.  

Your goals suggest you may be a future candidate for Careers on Vacation, but at the moment your resources may be limited and you’d prefer to start your business on a minimal budget.  If your budget is finite, and doesn’t allow for our more comprehensive training with live instruction, we recommend you take a stair step approach to reaching your goals.  That’s ok! We all start somewhere.  Your one investment should be to make sure you are set up properly from the beginning, based on your long-term vision. We have a program to help you at this stage of your journey. 

The Program that will help you best, based on your unique goals, is: The Travel Agency Launch Kit.  


The Travel Agency Launch kit includes everything you need to successfully launch your travel business in 30 days or less. This is a wonderful starter kit to get your business launched and start making your first sales. It also helps you avoid painful mistakes (what to avoid & common pitfalls that can set you back years). It’s 100% on-line, self-paced, with all the training, tools and done-for-you resources included. It has lifetime access to the training membership site, where your content and training is hosted.