Travel Professional Training Kit

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Your survey revealed that you are excited to start your journey as a travel agent but you prefer to work under an established agency long term.  You are ok with leveraging someone else’s branding and sharing a portion of your earned commissions with the agency that you select.  However, you’d like to be selected by one of the best agencies, with the best commission splits, and make sure you are making a wise choice now that will support your long-term growth.

Important: As an independent contractor under an agency, you will still be responsible for your own travel agent education, certifications, marketing your own business, and achieving sales and service standards. To reach your stated goals your investment should be in learning how to be a skilled Travel Agent, and how to market your new travel business in the on-line marketplace, and how to work best under a hosting environment.  

The Program that will help you best, based on your unique goals, is: The Travel Agency Launch Kit.

The Travel Professional Training Kit is the perfect kit for aspiring travel agents that want to be as successful as possible, but prefer to work with a host or under an agency long term.

This robust new travel agent training teaches you everything you need to know as a new travel professional and how to skyrocket your personal success. This program is 100% self-paced, with two months of on-line support and four live classes for hands on support as you begin to book your initial vacations. If you haven’t selected an agency to work with yet, use your participation in this course as an asset as you interview with agencies or start your hosting journey. We will even give you a preferred host guide to match yourself with some potential agencies for you to start your new career.