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Stephani P.

Stephanie launched a portable, profitable travel business in record time while she participated in Careers on Vacation. She learned how to be a successful travel agent, but she crafted a unique travel brand that is resonating with her ideal clients.  Update: Today Stephanie works full time in her business, has shifted into the CEO role, and her business is thriving.  Since this original case study aired Stephanie has grown significantly. She joined our prestigious Million dollar club in 2021. Congratulations Stephanie!

Jess M.

Jess started from scratch and with the help of Careers on Vacation she now has a fully operational, gorgeously curated travel brand.  She is attracting her ideal clients, and has already booked repeat business thanks to her new recurring business model.  Update: Today Jess has become the luxury go-to brand in her local market, and also serves clients nationally.  She now works full time in her business and travels frequently because her portable, profitable travel business travels anywhere she'd like to go.

Mandi K.

Mandi followed Cyndi two years before joining the Careers on Vacation Program.  She was struggling with bringing in more leads and the idea of leaving her host agency.  Now, in just a few short months, after participating in Careers on Vacation, she has doubled her sales from the previous year in the first two months of the program! Update: Today Mandi is working full time in her business and has scaled her business multiple times since this case study originally aired.


Jeff was with a host agency for a little over two years but was not seeing the results he wanted and was disappointed with their lack of guidance.  Within just twelve short weeks Jeff was able to transform his company which led him to selling six figures while in the Careers on Vacation program. Jeff now has the systems, tools, and resources to scale his business to any size and he's excited about his fast-paced and significant growth.

Jamie S.

Jamie already owned a successful marketing agency along with being a travel agent part time. She knew that she could be better maximizing her profit considering all of her efforts for the previous year.  After participating in the Careers on Vacation program Jamie was able to transform her business into the profitable company it is today! Update: Jamie has quadruped the size of her business since the taping of this case study.  She is in our prestigious Million dollar club, and we hired her to coach in the Careers on Vacation program part time.  She runs a wildly successful travel agency, she's become an influencer in her niche, and we are lucky to now have her on or team mentoring others in how to set up the COV systems so they can grow exponentially too.

Melissa P.

After experiencing a life changing visit to Egypt, Melissa knew that she had to be in the Travel Industry.  Since launching her business and participating in the Careers on Vacation program she has sold over $120K in travel sales!

Becky A.

Becky and her husband & business manager decided that the Careers on Vacation program was exactly what the need to grow their business significantly. Struggling with the transition from great salesperson to Owner of their own new agency, they needed a strong plan for fast-paced growth.  Now that they are utilizing the COV systems, tools, and resources their business is running smoothy and it's flourishing. Update: Since this aired Becky & her husband have grown their agency multiple times over.  In 2021 they became Disney Earmarked, which is a highly sought after designation that can only be earned through landmark sales with Disney, along with ethical and high service standards. Big congratulations to Becky and her whole team!  We are so honored to have helped you on your journey to massive growth.

Jodie S.

Jodie shares how her experience with Careers On Vacation helped her grow bigger than she ever imagined possible.  With reliable systems, automation, tools, and resources now aligned in her operation she was able to scale past her most ambitious goals for herself in record time. She is already running a highly profitable, thriving and growing travel business with blockbuster sales.  Update: Since the original airing of this case study Jodie has 10X the size of her business. She became Disney earmarked which is a designation awarded for landmark Disney sales, along with illustrating ethical & high service standards.  We are so happy for Jodie and her team on their many amazing accomplishments. We are honored to have supported Jodie on her growth journey in the industry.

Sam G.

After a year of watching Cyndi on YouTube, Sam decided to invest in herself and take the Careers on Vacation program.  While in the program Sam was able to build a unique brand combining her love of travel and the art of creativity into a viable, portable, profitable business.  Sam's success happened so quickly she was making sales within three weeks of starting the program. Her only regret? That she didn't take Careers on Vacation sooner. Update: Sam opened a beautiful storefront in her local area to combine all her favorite things: Travel, Treats & Trends. 

Sarah M.

Sarah needed to find a business that was both portable and profitable that would fit her lifestyle.  In just a few months of working with Cyndi she was on track to sell a hundred thousand dollars in sales. TravelAble is a premier agency providing customized accessible adventures to families and individuals with disabilities. Update: Today Sarah works full time in her business & has become a go-to expert for the accessible travel community, speaking at events, sharing her knowledge, and growing her amazing business. We are so proud of Sarah and her company's role in paving the way for accessible travel in the disabled community! 

I have personally TRIPLED my business! 

Cyndi’s knowledge of the travel industry and her willingness to invest in keeping up to date with the latest technology on marketing travel makes her an unique asset to have in your travel business. I have been successful in the industry for over 8 years, however, after implementing her techniques, I have personally tripled my business over the last three months.

– Kim

Cyndi is amazing!  
She has so much joy for travel and enthusiasm for helping travel agents build their businesses. If you need help taking your business to the next level, contact her!

– Kenya

COV is amazing! 

Doesn't matter if you are brand new to the industry or a vet. If you are looking to grow your business Cyndi Williams’s program delivers.

– Tiffany

I have 500 new clients after starting the program! 

I can't say enough about this program. It's great for newbies in the travel industry and those, like myself, that have been in it for a while. I found Careers on Vacation just when I needed it. My business was growing, just not how I wanted it. This program has given me the courage to break through my blocks with my business, tech, and social media. During this program, I inherited 500 high-end clients, so I'm very thankful for Cyndi's help! I highly recommend this program, and if you're on the fence, go for it. It's an investment in your business and your future success. Can't go wrong, and Cyndi is awesome!

– Patti

Working with Cyndi is the BEST thing I could have done for my business. 

For anyone wishing to pursue a career in the travel industry or for those already in the industry and wanting to grow, I highly recommend working with Cyndi Williams and the Careers on Vacation program! I was just starting my journey in the industry when I found Cyndi and her program and I am SO glad I did. Careers on Vacation provides the road map necessary to lay a solid foundation for a career in travel, which was exactly what I was looking for…direction and clarity! Not only were my private calls with Cyndi beneficial, but The Mastermind phone calls involving all of the other agents currently enrolled in the program (a combination of new to the industry as well as veterans wanting to amp up their businesses) were all so extremely beneficial and inspirational. I walked away from the program with a fully operational travel agency, renewed confidence in myself as an agent, marketing tips to promote my business, and a support network of other agents along with Cyndi. I cannot recommend this program enough!

– Jodi

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