Terms and Conditions

Cyndi Williams (“Consultant”) on behalf of the Wanderlust CEO Mastermind managed by Tripsy Travel, LLC and you (“Client”) agree to the following terms and conditions.

1. SERVICES.  You are agreeing to participate in the Wanderlust CEO mentoring program.  The program includes the following:

  • Private Coaching Calls: You will receive (4) 45-60 minute private and confidential one-on-one phone calls with a Wanderlust CEO Certified Coach, to help you grow your Travel Business, and get you into action FAST and STAY in action. Private calls must be completed before the completion of your 1 Year program.  No shows or cancellations under 24 hours or failure to book your sessions will result in a forfeiture of your call, or a $99 last-minute rescheduling fee.  Reschedules with more than 24 hours are gladly accommodated.
  • Mastermind Calls: You will have access to 24 (or more) Mastermind calls with Cyndi Williams, Consultant. We also have the opportunity to attend up to 50+ additional live sessions hosted by various experts that offer a special event or topics relevant to the program. In the case of any unforeseen events (ex: weather events, power outages, acts of God, travel delays, pandemics, illness, or death) calls may be rescheduled and/or a Cyndi Williams approved facilitator may be substituted to facilitate any mastermind call(s). Calls (except guest CRM bonus calls due to privacy laws) are recorded and replays will be provided to participants if you cannot attend live.
  • Training Modules & Timeframe: Program starts on October 1st, 2022, and ends on September 30th, 2023. You will receive 13 (or more) self-paced training modules, accompanied by training videos, samples, and additional training aids and resources to assist you in growing your Travel Business. Your active period in the program is 12 consecutive months, your program completion date is 364 days after your start date. Much like a college or trade school, our scheduling is prepared months in advance so we are unable to offer extensions, suspensions, or any alterations to your program dates.  *If space is available graduating Wanderlust CEOs will be eligible for reduced program rates for those that wish to continue in the Mastermind past the one-year initial term.
  • Resources:  While in the program you will have access to our private Facebook group page for tips, advice, and to ask questions in between calls.  The Facebook group is monitored by the Cyndi Williams team Monday – Friday from 9 am-5 pm CST, except on holidays. You will also be granted access to the Wanderlust CEO Membership site to access your training materials, and bonus resources.  WLCEO clients and graduates have access to some exclusive industry discounts.  Discounts are considered a bonus and can be changed or discontinued at any time.  Please see the membership site for current discounts available to you.
  • New Hire Training Licenses –   10 free licenses (additional licenses are $199 and can be billed to your new hire).  While in the 12 Month long program your new hires can take advantage of our “Travel Professional Training Kit” program, which includes a training curriculum and monthly new agent calls, for up to 60 days, to support them on their journey into the industry. Graduates of the Wanderlust CEO Mastermind are also eligible for exclusive license packages for those that wish to retain this service past the 12-month period.

Your coach will provide you with the tools necessary to master your emotions and inner game, let go of the past, increase and diversify your skill sets, and hold yourself accountable to the plan we create together.

The Wanderlust CEO Mastermind program, Careers on Vacation Program, and the New Travel Professional Training Kit Program are copy written and proprietary; all rights are reserved. No part of the programs may be copied, replicated, reused, or repurposed at any time.


The agreed-upon fee is $9,000.00 (or $8,000.00 if paid in full by September 30th, 2022).

You will be auto-billed $750 a month between October 1, 2022 – Sept 1, 2023.

You understand that all deposits and payments are non-refundable.  

Payments will be billed as agreed. Access to your program and any Travel Professional Training Kits may be restricted due to late or failed payments.  Feel free to contact us at any time if you wish to change your form of payment.


Unlimited TPTKits: Travel Professional Training Kit Licenses (Value of $3233 per kit redeemed) This seasonal bonus allows you to use unlimited licenses (instead of the normal 10 per WLCEO) for your initial year in the program, to use for the purpose of growing your company’s independent contractors and monetizing your hiring process.  TPTKits may not be sold or distributed to the general public.

Careers on Vacation Program Credit ($6,000 discount applied) As a Careers on Vacation you graduate, you have been given a $6,000 COV Grad discount as a thank you for your patronage.  Your discount is reflected in the rate above.

Careers on Vacation Suitcase will be shipped to your address within 60 days of starting the program.

Virtual Sales Event You may give each member of your team a complimentary ticket to the virtual Sales Event hosted by the Careers on Vacation team. Hosted once annually.

 4. PRIVACY POLICY. Our privacy policy explains how we treat your personal information and protect your privacy.  It may be necessary for you to share sensitive and confidential information.  We use this information to maximize your success in the program, to improve our program, and develop new ones.  We will ask for your consent before using information for a purpose other than those set out in this Privacy Policy.

5. YOU CONTROL YOUR SUCCESS. Your coach promises to provide you with the best recipes for success, but it is up to you to use these recipes to maximize results.  Nothing in this Agreement and nothing in our statements to you shall be construed as promises or guarantees of your results in the Program.

6. COPYRIGHT. The Wanderlust CEO Mastermind, Careers on Vacation Mastermind program, the Travel Professional Training Kit, and any additional resources are under copyright and proprietary, all rights are reserved. No part of the programs may be copied, replicated, recreated, shared, reused, or redistributed at any time.

7. IF A PROBLEM ARISES FROM THIS AGREEMENT. We are confident you will successfully complete the Program.  However, if a dispute does arise from the Agreement, you agree to resolve the dispute by submitting to neutral binding arbitration and agree not to see court intervention as an alternative.  Avoiding unnecessary court fees and costs ensures that we will have more time, energy, and money to invest in your success.

8. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. You understand this is the entire Agreement between the parties.  You understand that no other promises or agreements have been made except for those described in this Agreement.

9. EFFECTIVE DATE. This Agreement will not take effect, and we will have no obligation to provide services until you return a signed copy of this Agreement and we successfully process your Coaching Fee called for in Paragraph 2 of this Agreement.