Wanderlust CEO™ Mastermind

The Wanderlust CEO™ (WLCEO) Mastermind is my yearlong mastermind that teaches aspiring & experienced agency owners how to become travel hosts, cultivate top performing teams, and how to grow their agencies into the stratosphere. This mastermind is focused on 7-figure growth.

The WLCEO Mastermind is the only program of its kind on the market. There has never been a handbook, a roadmap, or training program in our industry that teaches you, step by step, how to become your own travel agency/host and scale your business beyond your wildest expectations – UNTIL NOW! Growing a multi-million-dollar agency is the ultimate path to both financial freedom, work life balance, and fully embracing the travel lifestyle. As an independent agency owner, you can negotiate commission with suppliers, get extra perks and bonuses, and even get invitations to industry events and FAM trips. Psssttttt…..You know the secret uber cool stuff hosts and owners don’t really tell their staff about.

Except how do you do it, when it’s one of the best kept secrets in our industry?  It sounds glamorous until you realize maybe you don’t know how to get some pretty major systems in place.  These may be a few of the things running through your mind… 

  • How do I prepare my business for new staff?
  • How can I stop selling and transition into growing a team?
  • Do I need a CLIA or IATAN credentials?
  • Does my state require licensing?
  • How do I register with suppliers directly?
  • How do I put together a recruiting strategy?
  • How do I hire the best candidates (and screen out the rest)?
  • What should be in a hiring agreement?
  • If I don’t have leads coming in every day, how do you fix that?
  • How do I onboard new staff?
  • What do I do with a staffer that is not working out?
  • What if I’ve never been an owner before how do you attract a great staff?
  • What training do you need to have ready?
  • How do I manage a team and make them perform at a higher level?
  • Who do I ask when I get stuck?

Sounds amazing, right?

In the Wanderlust CEO™ Mastermind we teach you how to set these steps up for your new agency, and we even have tools, resources, and training ready made for you to use.

It took me over 20 years to perfect my proven systems, processes, and best practices that have now produced multiple 6-figure years for over a decade. Trust me there was a lot of trial and error, a lot of wasted time and money to get everything into a well-oiled machine. I will teach you my secrets, share my proven systems, and my team will even train your new staff for you. Yep, re-read that last line. You, the CEO will get to work with me & my team of experts on architecting your new scalable agency while your new hires are going to be trained by the best training team in the industry, my team of industry veterans. This is what will allow you to scale so quickly, and help you start realizing your dream faster.

You’ve heard me say it before; RESULTS MATTER. It’s my job to help you make the most amount of money in the least amount of time. So, adding a “done for you” training component just made sense to expedite your growth. It’s my current Mastermind clients’ favorite part! This unique yearlong mastermind is jam packed with everything you’ll need to scale your travel business to any level.

The Yearlong Wanderlust CEO™ Mastermind includes:

  • 13 jam-packed (self-paced) on-demand training modules
  • 30 New hire licenses, my team will train YOUR new staff!
  • 10 “done for you” New Hire Training modules for your new team
  • Personal coach to mentor you, 3 private sessions included
  • 18+ Group Q&A sessions with Cyndi
  • 50+ Live training sessions through the year
  • Role-play samples on how to hire, coach, set expectations, and more
  • Weekly training sessions with Cyndi’s team of experts to discuss social media optimization, sales funnels, branding strategy, company messaging, automation, adopting a 6-figure+ mindset, and more
  • Free listing in our annual Travel Agency listing for general consumers
  • On-demand support (M-F) with access to Cyndi, & her experts
  • Video strategy training (level 2)
  • “Done for you” resources like sample recruiting ads, company orientation presentation, templates, talk tracks, tools & bonus content
  • “Done for you” Video series for your clients and staff to use in your marketing of why savvy clients use travel agents.
  • Lifetime access to the membership site and any new content we add in the future
  • Invitation to our graduate community to connect with your peers’ post-program
  • WLCEO Graduates also receive invites and discounts to special events.
  • WLCEO certificate and watermark logo to use in your marketing to show consumers and prospective staff that you are a certified WLCEO agency
  • Exclusive student freebies and discounts on done-for-you marketing tools from www.wanderlust-social.com.
  • Advanced training on how to leverage available marketing tools in your marketing plan or your business.

Who is this program for?

This program is best for Aspiring and experienced owners that want to operate at the top tier of the travel industry. This mastermind is for serious entrepreneurs that want to transition into a full-time CEO/leadership role and grow top producing teams quickly. It is also perfect for agency owners that feel stuck, and haven’t been able to scale their teams to the level they desire.

If you started growing a team but have become frustrated with your lack of growth, or have an underperforming team. If you have the desire to grow an agency from the top down and want to do it the right way, without wasting time or money. If you’re wondering how others are successfully scaling their agencies, but can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong. If you just want the roadmap to get the most results as quickly as possible. If you have a passion for travel, leadership, and want to play it big in the travel industry by becoming a host or scaling your own custom travel agency with a robust motivated staff, then this program is for you.

Available to: Established agents & owners world-wide.

Pre-requisites: Must be a Careers on Vacation™ graduate [OR] have a minimum of *300K+ in annual sales
*Sales prior to 2020 can be considered due to COVID-19

If you don’t currently meet the pre-requisite requirements, please start with the Careers on Vacation Mastermind. We offer COV graduates a program credit towards this mastermind upon graduation.

Sounds amazing, how do I start?

Congratulations, I can’t wait to work with you!  If you are a COV Graduate [or] have a minimum of 300K+ in annual sales (prior to 2020 is ok due to COVID19) you can apply below.  If you do not meet one of these criteria please check out Careers on Vacation.

*Please note that we only enroll clients a few times a year, so applying and securing a seat early is highly recommended.

How to Become a Travel Agent | Wanderlust CEO

What makes you different from other coaches and experts in the travel industry?

Well, besides being the original Travel Career Coach, and pioneering the niche, you will not find someone more motivated or experienced to help you (and your team) succeed.  With 25+ years of experience, and an award-winning travel agency of my own, my proven systems have been tested in hundreds of successful agencies, and are delivering amazing results across the industry. There is no other coach in the travel industry with over 100+ verifiable case studies and counting (feel free to watch some here). We are also one of the few available programs affiliated as a travel school with ASTA, the American Society of Travel Advisors.

In a complicated world of travel hosts, franchisors, agencies and multiple options it’s difficult to know where to start, or who is operating in your best interests.  As your personal consultants, my team of industry experts and I work directly with you on how to understand your vision and get the fastest results in the least amount of time. Most people make years of mistakes before realizing success in their business.  I support you in setting up and scaling your business the right way to map growth for years to come, and how to avoid costly mistakes and setbacks.

Although we will occasionally cover time management, mindset and other “business coach-y” things, you have me and my team as your business strategy experts and consultants. We work on the inner and outer principals for success and look at your business and your sales results from a strategic, organic, and goals-based perspective. What that means to you is that you get an experienced, heart-centered, authentic, travel, sales, and marketing support. I’m not delicate, you’ll always get a straight to the point quick and honest response from me.

I’m concerned with how to get your highly profitable travel business started and growing in abundance.  You may not like what I have to tell you, but you can be sure I will always tell you the truth. The truth about what’s standing in the way of your success and how to get rid of it fast so you can start getting results in record time (and I throw in a healthy dose of humor and inspiration, which always helps).

Here are our most asked questions from our clients.

Who is the Wanderlust CEO™ Mastermind for?

The Wanderlust CEO™ Mastermind is for those that are absolutely serious about building a life altering travel business. It’s for those that want a tangible roadmap to success in the industry, and are committed to growing and scaling their business and team lightning fast. It’s for those that are prepared to invest in themselves and their business and don’t want to waste years of time trying to puzzle systems together; they just want a proven business model to replicate for optimum success. It’s also for experienced agency owners that have teams but are feeling frustrated about how to effectively scale and grow.

Am I ready for the Wanderlust CEO™ Mastermind?

Not everyone is ready for this mastermind, and that is ok. We support travel entrepreneurs of all levels. To apply for the Wanderlust CEO™ Mastermind, you must be a graduate of the Careers On Vacation™ Mastermind [OR] have at least 300k-1M+ in annual sales (you don’t have to count 2020 due to COVID19). If you meet one or both of those criteria, you are eligible to apply. If not, we recommend you begin with the Careers On Vacation™ Mastermind, which has a newbie or experienced track, then apply when you are ready for the Wanderlust CEO™ Mastermind. Check out our program comparison to see which is best for you.

Are you affiliated with ASTA?

Yes, our company is an ASTA affiliated travel school. ASTA (American Society of Travel Advisors), is the leading global advocate for travel advisors and they are recognized industry-wide.

How does the Wanderlust CEO™ Mastermind compare to other training programs?

I am glad you asked, good vetting should be part of your screening process no matter who you hire to support you in your growth initiatives. Please don’t invest in anyone (even me) until you’ve vetted them to see if they are a match for you. Remember, the cheapest solutions are rarely the best for tangible results. It’s always best to go with someone who works in our industry, and can show you proven results. We have over 100+ case studies from our clients, watch some of them here. Also, here’s a free checklist to help you see how we measure up against the competition.

Quite simply, the Wanderlust CEO™ Mastermind is the only program of its kind in the industry. There are plenty of franchises and hosts that will allow you to “sub-host” under their parent structure, and in return expect you to pay a percentage of your commissions to them forevermore. Imagine paying 15-20K for a travel franchise, only to find out that you also need to pay a percentage of all your commissions to them forever. With a traditional host and franchises alike, you will have to pay them a percentage of all your team’s sales too! We didn’t like those models either, so we are breaking the mold and helping you build your business like the big guys. We never take any commissions from our clients. Not only will you earn and keep 100% of your commissions, you will be able to earn a percentage of commissions from your agents’ sales too. Not to mention, we are going to show you how to market, scale, and monetize your travel business in multiple ways. Check out everything that is included here.

Our improved business model has the most earning potential in the industry, bar none. Plus, you may be surprised to learn that even those that host under others or purchase a 15K-20K franchise still end up hiring us to help them grow. This program will save you that huge lump sum, and set you up for a much higher earning potential for a lifetime.

How will I find the time to grow a team if I am busy selling travel myself?

If you are producing the most sales for your organization, and depending on that income, it’s hard to image how you will stop selling to start supporting your growing team. We have you covered. We walk you through how to transition from salesperson to CEO (we literally have an entire module dedicated to it). We will also show you how to monetize your hiring process in the interim so you can keep cash flow coming in while you grow your team.

Do I get to work with Cyndi?

Yes! In both our mastermind programs you will have access to me & my amazing team of industry and marketing experts.

How will I find the time to build a new hire training for my company?

In a nutshell, you don’t have to. We will do it for you.

One of the biggest challenges my clients dealt with for years was how to successfully train new staff, and get them performing quickly. Building a training system can take months or years in development (trust me, it’s what I do for a living), and it is one of the most critical steps to successfully scaling new teams. Our Travel Professional Training Kit is a plug & play training system that your entire team will have access to.

When you participate in the Wanderlust CEO™ Mastermind we actually train your new hires for you! Yes, you read that right. That’s how we help you scale so quickly. Your team will get access to world-class industry training and work with my team in their first 60 days. I warned you there was nothing like it on the market.

Do I earn a certification?

Yes! As a Wanderlust CEO you will be able to proudly display that you are a Wanderlust™ CEO certified agency, and use a watermarked logo on your website, and in your marketing efforts. This brand recognition will help attract and retain more qualified candidates for your team.

How can I guarantee myself that I will have more success in record time?

Do all of your homework. Be totally committed to your success. Understand that this is a process, a proven one, that works if you take action and implement all of the steps. All my clients who have diligently applied every step of the Wanderlust CEO™ Mastermind have successfully built travel businesses, grown their teams, and manifested bigger abundance in much less time than they would have on their own AND have enjoyed the freedom of working for themselves from any location they choose, all while traveling as much as they’d like to.

What results can I expect?

  • Have big breakthroughs and ah ha moments.
  • Transition from agent to CEO, and all the flexibility that suggests.
  • Architect your agency like the “big guys”.
  • Prepare properly, with proven systems and tools, to host your own team.
  • Automate and systematize your agency operations.
  • Attract and hire ideal travel professionals with confidence and ease.
  • Implement an onboarding and training system.
  • Get the tools and training to host new hire orientations and company meetings.
  • Build a top performing team in record time.
  • Learn management skills to coach, drive performance, and navigate personnel issues.
  • Build relationships directly with suppliers.
  • Increase your cashflow through agency monetization.
  • Receive your own custom training and strategy plan. 
  • Graduate from a hosting structure, and start earning 100% of all your commissions.
  • Learn & implement marketing strategies that 7-figure agencies utilize.
  • Expertly position your agency and your team (even if you’re a new agency).
  • Learn how to operate effectively in the on-line marketplace.
  • Follow your BLISS into ABUNDANCE.
  • Discover yourself, set goals and reach them.
  • Feel empowered & excited about the future.
  • Fall back in love with yourself and your life’s work.
  • Reach your ideal clients in large numbers and inexpensively.
  • Create your free and fee offers.
  • Implement a recurring business model.
  • Leverage your team so you can make more money in less time.
  • Create & implement a lead generating marketing plan.
  • Work smarter at building your practice, not harder.
  • Stay accountable to your vision and goals and achieve them.
  • Get proven techniques you can apply right away. 
  • Receive specific tools, templates and scripts for you to use.
  • Create greater exposure and visibility for your business.
  • Learn time saving techniques that will dramatically cut down your learning curve.
  • Create more life work balance, work less and earn more.
  • Be clear, concise and strategic about your business.
  • Watch your best life unfold with ease.
  • Raise your self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Rewrite your story.

Does this really work?

Yes! We have built a huge reputation in the industry of delivering tangible results for our clients. The result of our work is an approach to shifting your mindset and putting a proven strategic business model in place so you will be able to confidently manifest your company growth to any level.

There is no other company in the industry that can boast 100+ case studies (check out our testimonial page here) and we’ve proudly earned over 100+ five-star reviews across Google and Facebook.

How do I get started?

Congratulations, I can’t wait to work with you!

If you really want to scale a team, and play it bigger in the industry the Wanderlust CEO™ Mastermind is perfect for you. I encourage you to apply now.  Please note that we only enroll clients a few times a year, so applying and securing a seat early is highly recommended.

*Prerequisites: To apply for the Wanderlust CEO™ Mastermind you must be a Careers on Vacation™ Mastermind Graduate [or] 300K-1M+ in annual sales (prior to 2020 is ok due to COVID19).  If you do not meet one of these criteria please check out Careers On Vacation.