Continuing Education

As Your Business Grows, Count on Us to Grow With You

Thanks for stopping by to see our continuing education offerings. Rest assured, if you work with us to earn your certification, you will have access to a variety of continuing education workshops and retreats that support your growth at all levels.

Continuing education is offered exclusively to our alumni, and additional offerings can be found within the Wanderlust Campus student portal upon graduation. Certified graduates receive exclusive discounts for continuing education retreats and workshops. Subject to availability.

In Person Workshops We Have Coming Up

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Wanderlust Content Marketing

You know social media is important for growing your travel business…but what exactly are you supposed to post? And how do you make those cool videos you see online? We’ve got you covered! The in-person Wanderlust Content Marketing Retreat offers a solution for travel CEOs and entrepreneurs struggling to create engaging content for their social media platforms. You'll gain valuable insights and strategies to bridge the gap between attracting leads and converting them into clients. Together, we’ll embark on a content creation adventure, focusing on strategic planning, purposeful creation, and effective scheduling to maximize marketing impact and ultimately turn followers into clients. Join us for an incredible weekend of creativity, adventure, and new friends as we create some fantastic content together!

Wanderlust Email Marketing

You know how important an email list is to your business…but where do you start? How do you collect those email addresses? What kind of lead magnet should you build? What on EARTH are you supposed to say to these people once they’re on your list? Deep breaths…we’ve got you covered with the Wanderlust Email Marketing Retreat! This retreat designed specifically for travel CEOs and entrepreneurs who want to capture and nurture a steady stream of ideal clients around the clock. You’ll learn exactly how to choose an email marketing platform, create an effective lead magnet, collect those email address, and engage with your subscribers…who are soon-to-be clients! Together, we’ll dive into the strategy, copy, and tech to help you build an automated system that brings in clients, provides peace of mind with a full prospect pipeline, and enables business growth and expansion. After our weekend together, you have everything in place to grow your email list…and your confidence in your email marketing skills!

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Wanderlust Brand and Website

You’re ready to scale your travel agency to the next level… but you aren’t sure if your brand and website are up to the challenge. How do you expand your agency specialities without confusing your audience? And you’re ready to hire and bring on team but how do you make sure they stay true to the brand you’ve worked so hard on cultivating? Have no fear, the in-person Wanderlust Brand and Website Retreat will help you effectively position your brand for growth. You’ll know how to intentionally update your brand and website so you can showcase your growth and expansion without confusing your existing audience. You won’t want to miss an incredible weekend of strategy, action and connecting with other amazing travel professionals!